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How To Keep Crawfish Alive

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Using Crayfish for bait is an excellent choice for several species of fish, however, keeping them alive for long periods of time in a bucket or cooler can be a bit tricky. In this article, I’ll give you 5 basic tips for keeping your crayfish alive

  1. Cool and Clean Water: Crayfish like their water like we like our summer drinks: cool. Use ice packs to gently lower the water temperature in their container, especially on hot days. Change the water daily to keep it fresh and clean, reducing the risk of your crayfish turning lethargic.
  2. Space Is Key: Avoid cramming too many crayfish into a small container. They value their personal space just as much as we do in a crowded place. A crowded container can stress them out, making them less lively when it’s time to fish.
  3. Oxygen Matters: Just like us after a sprint, crayfish need plenty of oxygen to stay lively. An inexpensive battery-operated aerator can make a world of difference, keeping the water oxygenated and your crayfish ready for action.
  4. Feed Them, But Not Too Much: Overfeeding can dirty the water and lead to health issues for your crayfish. A small amount of fish food or vegetable scraps every other day is enough to keep them energetic without polluting their environment.
  5. Hideouts for Stress Relief: Providing structures for hiding can help reduce stress in crayfish. Simple PVC pipes or small, safe objects for them to crawl under can mimic their natural hiding spots in the wild, keeping them calm and healthy.

Wrapping It Up:

Keeping crayfish alive and kicking as bait boils down to a few simple principles: keep their water cool and clean, give them enough space, make sure they have plenty of oxygen, feed them just enough, and provide some hideouts for stress relief. Follow these tips, and your crayfish will be in prime condition to attract the fish you’re aiming to catch.